For over 40 years the brand Gimor has been synonymous with refinement and
quality within the jewel in Italy.
The Milanese brand, born in the sixties by Giuseppe Moruzzi, has
developed over the years reworking tradition with innovation capability
attentive to the latest trends.
The inimitable taste and love for the art of the jewel handed down from
one generation to another of Moruzzi’s family. This let the emergence of
a new creative team, which aims to bring abroad the quality and crativity
made in Italy.
Located a few steps away from Piazza Duomo, the center of art and fashion
in Milan, the Gimor Company offers an idea of refined and elegant jewel,
trying to give to the product a unique mark.
Latest collections, inspired by the beauty of nature, are the result of
craftsmen’s creativity and skills, of which Gimor uses. This make it possible to
create original combinations, with the selection of precious stones and quality metals,
which exclusively comes from conflict free areas, following social and environmental ethics.